About Us



 ACCURATE INFORMATIC Inc is an advanced e-mail marketing system with unique features. Our system allows you to create, send and manage your newsletters with complete statistics on the behavior of your subscribers.
Our experts will understand the needs of your company in order to devise intelligent strategies that ensure strong adherence to effective contacts with your customers of high criticality

We offer complete solutions through multi-channel platforms to create intelligent relationships with consumers.
Understanding how multichannel work can boost your company’s performance is an important step in improving sales and increasing your credibility in the marketplace. Therefore, it is not enough to have presence. It is necessary that the various means of communication used are properly integrated to achieve the expected benefits.

Build Relationships with  ACCURATE INFORMATIC INC.

The world goes through a time of great transformation. In this phase of change, new forms of communication and connectivity are transforming the way people interact. Flex offers complete solutions through multi-channel, relationship management platforms. With constant investments in innovation, technology and people, Flex is a company committed to the results of its clients, in addition to creating intelligent relationships with its thousands of consumers.

Digital communication, fast and broad, is one of the most characteristic elements of the current generation. And because companies are always dealing with the way people think and act, it is necessary to be always adapting to accompany it. Marketing, for example, is no longer seen from a single channel perspective, but as a set of actions in a multichannel strategy.


Build relationships, generate sustainable results and add value to our customers’ brand.

 ACCURATE INFORMATIC INC has transformed itself into an Intelligent Relationship company to make every interaction with the “customer of its clients” fit the profile of each of them, including digital channels and fast and effective forms of communication. In order to enable and qualify the interactions, the intensive use of more complex technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analitycs, Bots, Machine Learning, Virtual Agents, Audible Response Units (URAs) became part of their everyday life without let people have the focus of innovation and service.

Founded by pioneering professionals and success stories in the contact center market,  ACCURATE INFORMATIC INC was born to be different. We are different because we always believe that people are the essential element of relationships and our business.

In a time when digital technologies are rapidly transforming reality, organizations recognize in the consumer experience the most important element for generating results. Our business is to help  ACCURATE INFORMATIC INC customers to delight their consumers.


To be a leader in operational excellence, valued by its professionals, that generates results for all.

We can proudly say that we do it like no one else. Not only do we offer complete and high-tech solutions for relationship management, but we do this by valuing people and authentic relationships, based on values such as professionalism, loyalty, happiness, flexibility and respect, adopting consistent policies that guarantee our professionals opportunities to be more empowered, valued, committed and fulfilled, including, among other benefits, the sponsorship of a full course of study. The return of this appreciation of people is immediate, and it appears in our customers’ indicators and in our own performance:  ACCURATE INFORMATIC INC grows consistently every year and presents indicators of high productivity, an unquestionable sign of operational efficiency.


  • Professionalism
  • Loyalty
  • Happiness
  • Flexibility
  • Respect.