Company Profiling Services

Company Profiling Services

Data analysis is one of the most talked about things among professionals working with digital marketing. The potential of this strategy involves reducing costs, improving the quality of the service or product, innovating and optimizing sales performance.

Companies also use the data to guide their decision making and seek success more assertively, especially when worked in conjunction with Marketing. That are just some of the benefits of this strategy, they are countless. For the sales team the data can be a gold mine. With them, salespeople will better understand consumers’ motivations, trends and behavior and can use statistical basis in their sales processes. But for many organizations, investing in data has major hurdles. According to Heed, companies do not invest in data because:

  • They do not do a good job with the information they already have, or do not know how to manage it based on defined metrics
  • They do not invest their efforts to analyze the data in order to improve their understanding and then make changes in response to the new insights.
  • With that in mind, we have put together the reasons and tips for applying this incredible strategy to your sales force.

The Benefits of Using Data in Sales

Many companies are using this strategy and the big date to become digitally.

And as I said above, the benefits of using data in sales are numerous.

Get to know some of them and learn how to apply this sales strategy in your company.

Provides better decisions with data optimization Many companies still do basic data analyzes, but few use advanced analysis through optimization. Data analysis programs guide sales teams to make better decisions.

In addition, the data is shown in real time. In this way, it is not necessary to expect large monthly reports to be made and actions can be taken at that time. This makes the whole sales process faster. Companies looking to move forward in this strategy are using the growth of data analysis and artificial intelligence to expand the frontier of value creation for B2B sales.

As a result, they deliver remarkable results in lead generation and people management.


Radically Improve Lead Generation

Analytics, for example, is suitable for improving the accuracy of lead generation and pre-sales process automation. All this, using rich data sets to identify the right customer at the right time.

In addition, Analytics combined with marketing automation helps you understand the client’s journey and identify what a good lead to qualify.

This can be done through alignment between the marketing and sales teams. When these teams work together, the entire sales process is improved, since marketing will know which leads to attract and the acquisition of new customers will be done more assertively, identifying errors and successes in the sales funnel.

Many companies already use market data to develop a detailed view of sales prospects for each area.

Internal data sources combined with the external data from these markets generate a “360 degree view” of the customer.

Using these two tools can help you understand what factors really matter in converting leads and driving the sales strategy.

As these insights are combined with intelligent automation, companies are seeing an ability to identify opportunities and convert more.

In addition to being much more efficient than traditional approaches, these algorithms can identify the most promising prospects and identify the most opportune time to direct your leads.