Email Verification & Validation

Email Verification & Validation

Give up checking for existing email addresses in obsolete databases. Instead, validate them quickly and accurately, directly in the domain.

Our exclusive and proprietary verification service goes beyond the basics, getting results regarding e-mail addresses from email service providers that are notoriously difficult to verify. Unlike other email verification providers, we do not check the validity of an email address based on an obsolete database. Our differentiated process ensures the validity of the email address directly in the domain, providing the most accurate result.

Take advantage of an evidence-based approach and proprietary self-learning algorithms to locate e-mail domains associated with spam networks, traps, and other threats.

Our service protects your reputation as a sender. Ensure that the result of your hard work reaches your inbox and not the junk mail folder with a proven email verification and cleanup solution that can increase delivery capacity, protect your reputation as a sender, and improve performance of direct marketing. Rely on your ability to confirm the validity of trusted email addresses and preserve your sender reputation, and stay away from dubious addresses. If you can rely on the ability to deliver e-mail to trusted addresses and, ultimately, the results of the program, you can ensure the success of your initiatives.

With real-time results with flexibility and regardless of platform, so you can work faster with your platform. And if you need to choose switch solutions, you can do so with the assurance that you will not waste investments or compromise results in real time.