B2B Modeling Services

B2B Modeling Services

Statistical Segmentation: Analysis and modeling, propensity to buy, groupings, future and potential value and profile analysis.

The segmentation process goes beyond research to implement this type of strategy, it is important to carefully analyze each segment, to define the priorities and focus of the campaign.

Time is increasingly scarce and consumers are looking for practicality, a message out of context and relevance can cause negative impression of your company. With Newdbase’s Statistical Segmentation service you save time and expense, not only yours, but also your customers.

We are leaders in data enrichment and processing tools for queries and marketing actions, so that we can help you with:

  • Expansion and reach of your target audience
  • Find and market with Industries or sectors directed by SICs
  • Adjust or update your Marketing campaign based on customized templates through Leads management
  • Obtaining custom lists with accepted and verified records.