Data Management

Data Management

Having a quality product or service and a satisfactory customer base is not enough to consider a business as “successful.” What is lacking in what would be a perfect business world, then? There is no key to decision making that allows the company to be competitive and grow continuously. We are talking about data management.

One of the greatest challenges for a manager is precisely to account for the large volume of information on which a business’s management depends. In this context, two major mistakes are commonly made, especially by smaller companies or family businesses: centralization of management in one person and failure to take advantage of technology to optimize work.

When only a head concentrates the strategic information of the business, the risk of a distorted view of the facts and an inadequate interpretation of the data management is evident. In addition, people fail, get tired, stress, have personal problems and there is no denying that these factors negatively influence the day to day work.

Rationalization of processes

Immediately organized and accessible information and statistical data clearly and objectively presented are some of the subsidies for the manager to be aware of the value chain of end-to end organizational processes.

From this perspective, it becomes possible to invest in actions to improve workflows, since the bottlenecks of the process are highlighted. Thus, improvements can be implemented and the main ones are:

  • Elimination of unnecessary steps;
  • Improvement of workflows;
  • End of shading of activities between areas;
  • Standardization of repeatable processes;
  • Reduction of operational risks;
  • Personnel training to reduce human failures;
  • Greater control of processes;
  • Automation of tasks, through the use of workflow for automatic management of activities;
  • Review of internal rules and procedures;
  • Permanent monitoring of activities;
  • Process improvement;
  • Continuous improvement of the entire value chain of business processes.

The technology solution needs to be the size of the business

Are there ready and appropriate solutions for my business? The answer to this question is paradoxical: no, and yes! There is no point in thinking that there are shelf solutions that fit 100% into a company’s reality. But it is perfectly possible, because Accurate Visions customize the tools available so that they stay in the exact measure of each business.