B2B Modeling Services

B2B Modeling Services

Having an integrated multichannel shopping journey is not easy, but it is completely feasible with a multichannel consumer-oriented organizational structure.

In order to be able to map this movement of consumers between the channels of the company, it is necessary to count on investments in tools and technologies that make these processes viable. In addition to having a team prepared to deal with the integration.

The development of a more effective strategy is based on the ability of managers and employees to know in depth the expectations generated during the purchase day and the points of intersection between online and offline solutions.


Only by appropriating available technology will this process become more intuitive and effective, reducing the possibilities of communication with different languages ​​and approaches that confuse and disperse customers.

Service is a very relevant area for a retailer that wants to serve multichannel consumers efficiently. Initially it is fundamental that there is a same language and approach in all channels used, both online and offline.
Training is necessary to provide a satisfying consumer experience, and all employees dealing with the public are advised to be prepared.
The unification and integration of service channels are fundamental for this strategy to be possible, since it is necessary to trace the consumer as he changes channels.

Database Services – Multichannel Prospect Lists

Such a significant transformation in people’s consumption preferences requires that internal changes take place in companies that enable this new way of attracting customers and relate to them and with Accurate Global Reach multi-channel prospect lists, this transformation is not only possible, but assures real results.

Multi-channel customer service creates retail challenges that must be overcome strategically through market intelligence. We identified three challenges related to new buying behaviors.