HealthCare Data

HealthCare Data

Culturally, other marketing actions draw more attention from clinics and hospitals than the digital environment. Let’s look at the examples:

  • Traditional media (TV, radio, among others);
  • Events and congresses;
  • Newspapers, billboards etc.

But this reality has changed in recent years and we will explain how the hospitals and clinics that have used Digital Marketing in their strategies have managed to stand out and increase their billing while greatly improving the routine of the patient!

When we talk about institutions like hospitals and clinics, we need to keep in mind the following factor: a person does not go to a site of this type of institution in search of leisure.

You need to build really relevant content for your target audience. But here’s the question: how do you define what these people want to read and learn? Simple: just compile the data from the attendance area, scheduling and marking exams.

With this data at hand, which can be raised via management tools or even spreadsheets, you can see which hospital and clinic target audience, making it easier for marketing to produce content, since the person will be well defined.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, the focus is on generating value for the end user – in this case, the patient. And we also know that people always end up preferring to buy from experts!

Therefore, if your institution produces quality content in order to position itself as a specialist within a segment, there is a great chance that it will be able to capture more patients who are interested in that specialty.

Just think about the famous analogy of the doctor: whenever you get sick and the doctor recipe a medicine, hardly the patient will not buy it, since it was recommended by a specialist.

With an automation tool, it would be necessary to do the same job the following training: salesperson, marketing analyst 1 (to do social media management, email marketing and data analysis) and marketing analyst 2 (to do blog management and content production).

With a flow of nutrition doing much of the salesperson’s job and the tool centralizing the whole process in a simple and intuitive way, the work would be faster and more profitable.