Master B2B Database Files

Master B2B Database Files

Databases Services – Master B2B Database Files

ACCURATE GLOBAL REACH’s Master Data Management, our GDSN certified data set, allows the user to organize the data exchange and maintenance process. Eliminates chaotic communication via email or paper that requires double data entry. The use of electronic forms and workflow processes integrated with master data systems not only eliminates the need for MDM employees to repeat data entry, but also allows information to be validated early in the process so the user can unify MDM processes across different systems.


  • Comprehensive product data management on B2B and B2C channels
  • Product Launch Faster
  • Reduction of situations of lack of inventory
  • Complete and up-to-date information on the shelves, leading to customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of return of goods
  • Verification of Correction and Data Integrity by System Validation
  • Unification of MDM processes through clearly defined rules
  • Efficient data management through a central electronic repository for easy search
  • Accelerating the introduction of database changes, automating the approval process


ACCURATE GLOBAL REACH Master Data Management enables vendor data to be kept current. From the on-boarding process, the correct input of the data is crucial to ensure efficient collaboration. To update data or add supplier master data, simply send a notification to your suppliers. Reminder functions ensure that your vendors add data within a specific time period. Updated or confirmed master data is automatically added to the system.